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The Team Ready at Mercer.

4-4-09-MERCER-hbp-4.jpg (58859 bytes)

Johnny Beaber and the "Gypsy Outlaw" Jeff Taylor

IMG_4775.jpg (19249 bytes)

Tony "The Mooch" Beaber and "The Gentleman" Jack Helget


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05_06_06_SprintCar_Winner_Tony_Beaber_3T_DrG_Photo.jpg (51358 bytes)

Dr. G. Photo Victory #1 with Alan Toth Racing

2006 Lawrenceburg Champion.jpg (2171936 bytes)

Dr. G. Photo 2006 championship With Alan Toth Racing

Victory Lane 2009 for Johnny and family.

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Zemken.JPG (149957 bytes)

Jessica Zemken in a Beaberbuilt Chassis

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One of the wild midgets for Chili Bowl

Hagerstown.JPG (94376 bytes)

Hagerstown for Octoberfest in the Becker 7B

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